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Whats with videos and physical exercises.

2009-04-01 16:09:32 by Cre8tor

I am really annoyed that nuwgrounds is messing with all the good movies and and flagging movies. I had a game that i just submitted today and they flagged it down. It was called "Gods Playing Field " and it was fun. Also I am kind of annoyed that the china thing started this all, not that i have anything against april fools shit its just this (websete) place of entertainment is getting less efficient (fun) because of it.

Whats with  videos and physical exercises.


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2009-04-01 16:10:30

"I had physical exercise that i just submitted today"

That gave me a laugh.


2009-04-01 16:13:04

viva la resistance! /489379

Cre8tor responds:



2009-04-01 16:18:41

Sorry, i had to mispell some words so it would show and this is so retarded